Monday, August 3, 2015

APK Games Heroes and Castles 2

You stand solemn, overlooking the battlefield. For your left, towering giants rush into battle, bashing hordes of goblins large in the air with every swing in their bone golf equipment. For your correct, Dwarven Iron Helms split into shambling skeletons, although a line of Pikemen all set their spears for one particular very last cost. Guiding you, your Elven Archers unleash their arrows overhead into lumbering Trolls and savage Orcs. Nevertheless it isn't ample, and also the enemy keeps coming... With a person final cry to battle, you completely ready your sword and charge into your fray!

Download Heroes and Castles 2 APK Games Android

Enter Heroes and Castles two, a 3rd particular person action-RPG, strategy, and chateau protection mash-up! Decide on from one of 3 strong races, customise your hero, summon a massive army to struggle beside you in battle, defend your castle, conquer lands, and in the end wipe out the enemy stronghold!


Consider for the battlefield within an immersive third person perspective, summon entire armies to struggle beside you, and defend your castle to the death! Struggle during the middle of a huge struggle that you simply command!

Customise YOUR HEROES!
Choose one particular of three races, level up, understand new skills and talents across 9 courses, forge weapons, armor, and shields, and destroy your enemies!

Summon Dwarfs, Elves, Archers, Pikemen, Giants, Knights, Catapults, Mages plus much more to assist you in your protection. Observe them struggle the enemy appropriate beside you in substantial, epic battles!

Create AND Up grade YOUR CASTLE!
Develop Towers, improve your castle partitions, and defend! Conquer new lands and build outposts to protected them.

EPIC One Participant Marketing campaign!
Protect your castle by means of 30 waves, all even though taking management of an great map by capturing and defending new outposts. In the long run lay squander to your enemy castle in a very final, wonderful siege fight!

Team up using a random ally or a person of the pals!

Battle towards other players - protect your castle and damage theirs!

A ton of ENEMIES TO Fight!
Fight towards dozens of enemies on display screen at once, from hordes of the Undead, to Orcs, Goblins, Ghouls, Spiders, Trolls, Catapults, Mummies, and more!

Advanced GRAPHICS AND Tons of Capabilities!
Incredible cell graphics and lighting, fight with dozens of units on monitor without delay, hi-resolution belongings for top from the line equipment, cloud conserving, controller support (Protect, Moga Manner B ONLY, SteelSeries, and so forth), and much more!

Content Rating 16 Years Old +
Requires Android 3.1 or More
Current Version 1.2.1
Update 7 July 2015
Size 45M
File Name Heros_Castles2_FULL_ANDROID.apk


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